Praise for the first edition:

"It is hard to see how anyone with responsibilities under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act could manage without a book such as this." Michael Balls, review published in Atla

"The strength of the book lies in the way Kevin Dolan brings his experience to bear blending information from various sources." Patrick Sinnett-Smith, review published in RDS News

Written by the leading expert in this field, this is the only book providing practical guidance on the legal obligations of caring for laboratory animals. Up-to-date information on all relevant UK legislation and guidelines is given, with the main emphasis being on the interpretation of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986.

New to this edition:

*Emphasis throughout is now on the practical application of legal controls of the use of animals in research.

*Updated where relevant to keep in line with new welfare legislation.

*Coverage of current format of application for personal and project licences.

*Expanded coverage of Certificates of Designation.

*Impact of the Freedom of Information Act is discussed.

A vital resource for all those involved with the use of animals in research, and especially those studying for qualifications or licences in this field.

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DOI : 10.1002/9780470753361


ISBN : 9780470753361