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Emerging Issues, Technologies and Systems offers a systems approach to learning how to understand and address some of the major complex issues that have emerged in the food industry. The book is broad in coverage and provides a foundation for a practical understanding in food safety initiatives and safety rules, how to deal with whole-chain traceability issues, handling complex computer systems and data, foodborne pathogen detection, production and processing compliance issues, safety education, and more. Recent scientific industry developments are written by experts in the field and explained in a manner to improve awareness, education and communication of these issues.

  • Examines effective control measures and molecular techniques for understanding specific pathogens
  • Presents GFSI implementation concepts and issues to aid in implementation
  • Demonstrates how operation processes can achieve a specific level of microbial reduction in food
  • Offers tools for validating microbial data collected during processing to reduce or eliminate microorganisms in foods

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ISBN : 978-0-12-800245-2